Offering a home for as many street kids as possible.

Today, Yenege Tesfa operates seven shelters, four for boys, three for girls.12 kids between 8 and 17 years old live together as a family  in a shelter with a shelter mom, a shelter dad and and a big brother or sister.Shelter kids not only get what they need but also go to school, get medical and psychological attention and are prepared for their life as a grown-up when they leave the Shelter.

It is YT’s ambition to find new partners in order open another three shelters. Sheltering a street kid costs some 1.500€ every year.

One of the boys shelters
A shelter mom and dad. Mom organises the kitchen and takes care of laundry services. Dad is the wise man in the shelter.
Big sister keeps the family together and looks after every kid’s wellbeing.
Girls in te fasil shelter.
Boys in the Tewodros shelter do their homework.
Every kid has his own locker to store his or her belongings.
House rules and school schedules.