Who we are

YenegeTesfa Integrated Development Humanitarian Organization (YTIDHO) is a not for profit, non-religious, non-political civil society Organization. YTIDHO, established in 2002 by NigistiGebresilassie, the founder had stayed serving 10 to 35 orphans and street children in disorganized way for three years. The organization was registered as a local NGO with the name “YenegeTesfa Orphans and Street Children Organization” on 18 August 2004 under registration number “1693” by the Ministry of Justice.

Later, itwas reregistered as an “Ethiopian Resident Charity” with the same organization’s name under a registration number “0513” in November 2009. The organization’s license had been renewed twice, in 2012 and 2015, since then. Because of the new proclamation for Civil Societies Organization, YenegeTesfais re-registered as a legal entity very recently.

Learning from all of its undertakings,our organization has been expanding its scope wider and wider from time to time and is able to address a large number of beneficiaries. The reason why the organization’s name has changed from “YenegeTesfa Orphans and Street Children Organization” to “YenegeTesfa Integrated Development Humanitarian Organization” since 2017 was to show or reflect its current diverse portfolio of projects as well as its humanitarian approach and philosophy.

The implementing partners and the project staff have long lasting project operation experience in the proposed project areas. The project management experience and capacity, the collaboration with government sector offices and reputation together with funding management capacity will help the partners effectively address the intended project results.

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