What we do

Gondar and Debark Cities, with their surrounding villages, are among the identified areas for high destitute and vulnerable children, students, single mothers and patients. The targeted operation areas and beneficiaries are selected in collaboration with implementing partners and government stakeholders.

Practical experience of the organization in the selected project areas shows that there is still a gap in solving social and economic problems of these beneficiaries. The target groups for this project are prioritized in collaboration with the government stakeholders based on the existing need for intervention in the areas. 

Home for Tomorrow:
Offering a home for as many street kids as possible.

Today YenegeTesfa has several shelters for kids between 8 and 17 years old.

They live together here as one big family.

Each shelter has a shelter dad to look up to, a mom whom makes them feel at home and a big sister and brother to learn from.

Educational Support:
Give vulnerable kids access to schooling and education.

Education is important for children on the streets because one day they will be the future of Ethiopia. A good education brings self-esteem, better career prospects and a better understanding of the world we live in. With knowledge the children will build opinions, better views and will be able to interpreting life. The mobile school offers street proof materials, training and coaching.

Medical Support and Health Related Services:
Give vulnerable kids and families access to first line medical care.

In the last year we support many street children and children from poor families who were critically ill and who can’t afford clinic fees or the required medication. We provided coupons to 193 children. And in the future for many more!

Income Generating Activities and Societal Development:
Help  youngsters, single mothers and vulnerable families to integrate in society and to make a living for themselves.

Provide seedlings to single mothers and poor farmers
In the past year we have successfully trained 92 single mothers and a handful of poor farmers. We provided the seedlings for onions, tomatoes and pepper. From now on the mothers can feed themselves and even create an income with the vegetables.

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