1.1 Mobile school and Library

To boost the self-esteem and learning opportunities of street connected youngsters, Yenege Tesfa has started a mobile school and library in 2012. With this program school is now available to anyone willing to study. We became one of the first organizations to implement the mobile school methodology on the Ethiopian streets, and with big success!  


Where are we active? 
By now we run two mobile schools. In 2012 we started the implementation on the streets of Gondar city. To reach also the more remote areas we expended the program in 2016 to Debark, a small town located about a 100km northeast of Gondar. Before, lots of kids would migrate to Gondar in the hope for a better future. With this program we can tackle the migration of children and give them good opportunities in Debark itself. About 10.000 children now have access to education in Gondar and Debark. With numbers increasing each year.

1.1 School Material support 
To be able to study in Ethiopia materials are needed. Each year we organize fundraisers to be able to support the children with all the materials needed. Yenege Tesfa assures school registration, uniforms and provides for exercise books and writing materials.

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1.2 Mobile Library
The mobile school quickly became a big success on the streets of Gondar. The team decided to also develop a mobile library. With this Library children on the street now have the opportunity to read books which will enhance their opportunities in life.

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1.3 School feeding 
We started a school feeding program for children whom are not able to be fed by themselves or family. In order to keep the children in school, school feeding is very important. It prevents children from going on the streets in order to look for food.

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1.4 Student sponsorship 
In the past few years we have seen children grow in to young adults. From studying on the street, some of our bright students got the change to go to college and even university. We ensure the enrollment fee for those bright students.


Do you want to help?   
“One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world” 
Do you know, every time you make a donation, you’re helping to fund some form of education, training or schooling for those who are most in need? And in doing so, you’re helping to change their world.

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