Income Generating

Our income generating project is all about supporting single mothers in need. We provide them with skills and opportunities to become completely independent in the future. Income generating projects consist of small businesses managed by the single mothers to increase their household income.

Provide seedlings to single mothers and poor farmers
In the past year we have successfully trained 92 single mothers and a handful of poor farmers. We provided the seedlings for onions, tomatoes and pepper. From now on the mothers can feed themselves and even create an income with the vegetables.

Distribute agricultural materials
To make sure the mothers have all the materials needed to continue the agricultural businesses we have provided them with plastic water cans.

A sheep business
Another income generating project is training single mothers on how to handle a sheep farm. How to take care and above all, how to create a business. Each mother received 4 female sheep’s and one male. We have trained them on reproduction and how to sell the sheep on the local markets.


Honey is a product very popular among Ethiopians. We have provided single mothers with beehives and bees. During the training the mothers learn how to take care of the bees and how to harvest the honey. Nowadays the mothers can use this as a stable income for their household.

Income Generating Activities and Societal Development
3 agricultural training
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