Yenege Tesfa

Our name means Hope for Tomorrow. Our mission is to provide Gondar’s orphans and vulnerable children with a happy family life. A home, education, good health and a bright future.

What We Do

We provide 5 Happy Homes for 80 children and School Support for 910 kids. Not only that, we provide Child Day Care, Learning Centres, Community Development, Micro-Finance, Agricultural skills and a Mobile School.

About Us

Yenege Tesfa was born in 2001 out of the philosophy that homeless and parentless children deserve a better life.

Home for Tomorrow

There are still over 800 children sleeping on the streets of Gondar every night, some as young as 6 years old. We need regular donations totalling €195 per week to give 17 of the most vulnerable children a home.

Girls: the hidden problem

There are over 800 children sleeping on the streets of Gondar every night, over 90% are boys. Their situation is very tough, beyond what any child should endure. But where are the girls? There are no statistics we can find however our every day experiences speak for...

Child trafficking in Ethiopia

Child trafficking is one of the most horrifying crimes imaginable. Children are bought and traded; sold into a life of servitude and abuse. Ethiopia is a child trafficking hotspot. A recent ‘Trafficking in Persons’ report from the United States Department of State...

Away for the day: kids trip to Gorgora

Each year we plan a trip for the children outside Gondar to give them a change of surroundings and a wider look at this wonderful country. This year we went to Gorgora, a beautiful location on the northern shores of Lake Tana, renowned for its beautiful wildlife. The...

200 Kids for Christmas

In Ethiopia we celebrate Christmas on January 7th. This year we were very lucky to have a generous donation from two longstanding Canadian sponsors to lay on some festivities for our kids. However we thought we could make the donation stretch to help the children even...

Top performers at school

Today we celebrated the success of our girls and boys at school. Last year the boys in particular performed exceptionally well, with 14 of 17 finishing in the top three of their class. Enana was the only girl to top her class, so we’re hoping for a improvement from...

Latest Reports

A transparent overview of our spending and evaluation of our programmes: