Camp Bruh Tesfa – Bright Hope
School vacation was far from being without learning for Yenege Tesfa children this year! We have recently partnered with a new volunteer organisation here in Gondar – Project T.E.N., and their first task was the successful implementation of a 5 week summer camp for our children.
Conjit and the seven dwarves
The camp was planned by our 6 new volunteers and run alongside some amazing university students from Gondar’s own community. The camp was packed with education – English classes, art classes, sport activities and drama classes too! Once a week there was also a themed day where we had the opportunity to bring in outside professionals with in-depth knowledge on topics such as hygiene, leadership, gender and environment.
Gevre-Michael presenting his project
The 5 weeks ended with a show of the children’s talent. The older children of Yenege Tesfa worked throughout the camp on a project titled ‘What Gondar means to me’, and spoke beautifully when presenting their work to a hall filled with people. Their presentations were followed by a drama production that the younger children had been working on during the camp with the help of an enthusiastic and hard-working drama teacher. The story of ‘Conjit and the 8 dwarves’ was unbelievable to watch. The staff’s hard work coupled with a grand set made up of 3 large backdrops and most importantly the confidence and talent of the children themselves, pulled off a spectacular play that packed out a hall – even the Mayor of Gondar came to watch!
All in all, the camp was a fantastic experience for everybody who took part and will be well remembered for a long time to come!