Today (20th September) is the first day of school for most of Ethiopia’s children. This is always an exciting time. This year we gave uniforms and school materials to a record 232 children, up from 155 last year.

Handing out all the uniforms, books and pens, and registering everyone is a big job but one we always enjoy. The girls came in the morning and the boys in the afternoon. Only the children have the certificate that they attended school all year are given materials. New children are selected by the local social services to join our programme.

We must give thanks to Nosissa for their continuing support in providing the funds to support the children and to Beletu for their new contribution which has allowed 77 more children to attend school this year. It is amazing to see so many children excited about attending school.

We have some wonderful photos of the day; thanks to both Eran Yardeni, a visiting photographer from Isreal, and Dan, our cycling volunteer.