Give vulnerable kids access to schooling and education.

Education is a key factor in breaking the circle of depreviation. Yenege Tesfa offers education solutions to three groups of depreviated kids, young adults and adults:

1° The mobile school and mobile library: streets kids discover that education is fun and is within their grasp.
2° The into school program: enable kids to go to school. Yenege Tesfa assures their school registration buys them a uniform and provides for exercise books and writing material.
3° Bright minds: Yenege Tesfa follow into school youngsters and supports the talented ones so that they are able to go for a high school or university degree.
4° Training and personal development programs: Yenege Tesfa organises several times a year training and development sessions about hygiene, personal development and social skills. Sessions are organised bot for youngsters and for adults.