Each year we plan a trip for the children outside Gondar to give them a change of surroundings and a wider look at this wonderful country. This year we went to Gorgora, a beautiful location on the northern shores of Lake Tana, renowned for its beautiful wildlife. The site of last year’s visit.

We had hoped to go a little further afield to Awramba, a non-religious cooperative who weave fabrics to support their self-sustaining community. It would be an interesting education for the children. However with fuel prices very high in Ethiopia right now we opted for a return to Gorgora.

The rented bus set off early from Gondar with the children full of excitement, joined by Fenta, Hanna, the mothers from each house and Dan’s mother Carolyn (visiting from the UK). All in all we were a party of over 40. The 65km journey seemed to take a long time and the kids streamed out the bus with great excitement when we finally arrived.

We played games, took mounds of photos and even went for a swim in the lake. One of the highlights of the day was when Tadessa got out of his wheelchair and clung on to Dan’s back as he took him for his first swim in the lake. The kids all love being in the water… if only Fasilides Baths in Gondar could be used as a swimming pool.

The mothers had brought a feast for lunch and we all ate well before the kids stripped all the local fruit trees of mangoes and berries. After a walk to the local church and yet more football it was time to jump back on the bus. The kids looked so happy and when most fell asleep on the bus on the way home, it was a sign that they’d all had a great day.

Trip to Gorgora

Thanks to our sponsors 13th Star for funding this memorable day.